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"Darlene is an extremely organized and capable business professional who excels at improving the processes and systems of the clients she works with. She is also personable and a pleasure to do business with." - Kristen Heckman, Marketing Manager, Barton Malow Company

In addition to over 35 years providing administrative support in various industries, Darlene Walker (formerly Temple) has recently held the following positions with leading commercial general contractors:​

  • Senior Commercial Estimator

  • Project Coordinator.

  • Director of Preconstruction Services​

  • Executive Administrator​​

  • Business Development and Preconstruction Coordinator​


Let her experience and expertise free you up to be out in the field on your projects or with your clients building relationships!

​Here is what people are saying about Darlene:

"Every time I have worked with Darlene I have walked away impressed. She is smart. She is objective driven. She gets results. The surprise comes in that she is so nice, a complete pleasure to work with. Darlene has always been a wonderful business partner and I highly recommend her as a partner for your next project." - Steve Moore, Regional Sales Manager at The Blue Book of Building & Construction

"Darlene is highly motivated, well respected and extremely efficient in her business development and project management skills. She is a top producer and a business leader in her field." - Brett McNamee, Senior Vice President, Divaris Real Estate


"Darlene is highly organized, self-motivated and thorough in everything she has a hand in. She is an excellent problem solver and team player, willing to help wherever needed." - Michele Orr, Professional Soprano and former EDC coworker

"Darlene was a pleasure to work with and she was always ready to take on new innovative approaches to business operations. She was a quick learner and thorough manager." - Tom Steinmetz, Vice President of Sales and Service at Executive Systems, Inc.

"I have worked with Darlene 5 years + and have always found her to not only be efficient, responsive but also very personable and easy to work with. I believe Darlene to be extremely proficient with assisting all areas of pre-construction services at the general contractor level. I would not hesitate to recommend her services." - Trey Woody, PreConstruction, Estimating and TakeOff Services

"Darlene was a client of mine for many years and there are very few people that I can truly say, I absolutely enjoyed working with more than Darlene. Her professionalism, keen sense of detail and above all, treating others with respect is only a very short list of her attributes. It was truly a pleasure working with and for Darlene as one of my customers." - Jay Wells, Business Development Manager, Austin Brockenbrough and Associates

"Darlene has always followed through on her word and is very organized. It is always a pleasure to work with her." - Rick Crouse, President at RJ Crouse, Inc.

"Darlene is an exceptional Administrator who is proficient in Pre-Construction Services and Contract Administration. Her ability to work with Clients, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Field and Office Personnel is way above the norm along with her attention to detail and follow-up. The technical knowledge she possesses is invaluable especially her computer and graphics skills. I highly recommend Darlene!" - Jim Lee, Senior Consultant: Finance, Design and Construction


"Darlene worked a lot of long hours to do what needed to be done in order to get bids for work out the door. She was always professional and had a great attitude. She was a pleasure to work with." - Justine Wiseman, Project Manager at CBRE



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