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Chapter 2:

Ingratiating...yep, my sense of business ethics has been received and interpreted by some as ingratiating, irritating, naive, and disloyal. Mom and Dad, thank you for instilling such a strong sense of loyalty, honestly, and integrity into my upbringing because I can't and won't get away from it, and thankfully so. The results speak for themselves.

Because my clients are the reason I am in business, knowing what is important to them is tantamount to my success. So, I asked them what I was doing right, a sort of "checkup from the neck up," and I am humbled as well as relieved by their responses. Here is what one of my clients, a real estate investor, had to say about it:

"To begin, trust/ethics/integrity is a big thing with me (and others too). So far, you've proven yourself very trustworthy, even above and beyond what is required. This is huge to me and to anyone else. This is also possibly one of the most difficult things to convey to someone whom you haven't met in person and that doesn't know you beyond the online world. You have and continue to convey this to me across the miles - this is phenomenal. I'm sure that your very being/presence speaks volumes on this topic so it could be considered a moot point (not to undermine it!) at an in-person meeting, although it has its merits there too.

Being able to trust someone that possesses ethics and integrity whom you have faith in means you can trust them at every level and with anything, regardless of how personal/sensitive it may be and you know they 'have your back' as it's sometimes said. I realize that it also places a burden of responsibility on you as the provider but in so doing, an element of responsibility is removed from me at the same time. This is part of the reason I choose to work with you.

Another part of this is that it removes worry, doubt, fear and other negative energy from my daily routine allowing me to be more productive, moving me closer to living the life I want as opposed to constantly checking the work to see if it was done to my level of expectation."

It is so great to know that honesty and integrity in business is appreciated this much. I had no plans to change my philosophy, it's just nice to see how much it still means.

To all of my clients, and prospective clients, there is one thing you can count on...I DO have your back.

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