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Nothing From Nothing Leaves...Something?

Chapter 1:

Ah yes, many "starting over" quotes are running through my mind, but my new favorite has to be “If God closes a door AND a window, consider the fact that it might be time to build a whole new house.” by Mandy Hale. This has never been more true in my life than now.

Earlier this year I found myself suddenly and very unexpectedly unemployed. Five months earlier, I had accepted an executive-level position with a construction firm I held in very high regard, and one I had been praying to join for many years. I thought I had landed my dream job! This news was devastating to say the least.

I think what you do in the first few minutes, or days of a crisis of this magnitude are critical. I know, that isn't a new philosophy, but looking back, I really see how true it is. I could have dropped to the earth exasperated and defeated. But I didn't, thanks be to God, my family, and my dear friends and mentors for the strength, the will power to get up every day and get going again, the hope, the inspiration, the training, and the support you gave. The pieces have come together to make quite a bit of sense.

What was borne out of necessity and the sheer will to survive, was Administrative Solutions PC. Nothing from nothing leaves something...well, I know. There was something and I hope to share more about that something in future posts. Thanks for humoring me!

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